Payday Loans – How can I get access?

Payroll deductible credit is borrowing money when it is discounted on the payroll. The installments are automatically debited by the paying source and transferred to the credit provider institution.

This type of credit tends to be more advantageous for those who need some extra cash. This is because the lending company reduces interest and charges due to the lower risk of default.

Employees with a formal contract may apply for discounted credit. Generally, there are not many restrictions on the amounts of credit to be taken. What limits it is the amount of the installment: it cannot compromise more than 30% of the employee’s salary.

Are interest rates lower?

Are interest rates lower?

Interest, in fact, is lower on this type of credit than on other modalities, such as personal loans. The main reason is the low risk presented by people not honoring the payment of installments.

However, having low interest rates does not mean no interest – they range from 2% to 4%. It is necessary to do the calculations and check what fits within the budget, a consultant can always help. The installments are of fixed value, discounted monthly and can be paid up to forty eight times.

How can I get discounted credit?

How can I get discounted credit?

To have access to discounted credit, you must be working with a signed wallet in some company. The minimum period of employment stability should be six months.

You must communicate interest in credit to the company’s HR department. Your company needs to be registered and have agreement with some institution that provides the credit. Registration is safe and simple and can be done completely online at no cost.

Can I apply for credit even with the dirty name?

Can I apply for credit even with the dirty name?

Some financial institutions are still denied credit to people who have a dirty name. But in this case, as it is discounted credit, there is no restriction. The customer may apply for credit even if his name is dirty.

Caution is advised as the salary paid by the company at the end of the month will be lower due to the discounted installments. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the payment of installments and other debts you already have.

What happens if I get fired?

Upon resignation, the credit provider may withhold up to 30% of the amount of the severance pay in order to settle the debt. If this is still not sufficient, the contractor should observe the contract that has been signed with the institution and seek it to combine payments independently.

Payroll deductible credit is one of the most advantageous on the market. That’s why you can count on him to pay off debt or make your dreams come true. This type of credit tends to be very useful, but care must be taken when hiring it.

The best way to know more about payroll deduction credit is by performing a simulation. Contact us and find out how easy it is to use this benefit for your business.